Wireless Scanning Now Available

With the pending FCC 2016 Q1 auction of 600Mhz bandwidth, many of us are up in the air as to the next steps for the wireless microphones that many of we rely on. One thing that is known is that the available "space" for our mics to fit in will be reduced to be used for mobile/cell phone use. Effective Immediately:  We recommend purchasing wireless units that are <600Mhz.  After the auction there will be a 39 month transition period for you to comply with the new requirements- we will know more details after the auction.

In light of these events and the increase of wireless usage, we have invested in a RF Scanner, computer, and software that allows us to use all of the available tools to learn how to best provide an interference free event and system. Let us know if you wish to schedule some time to analyze your setup.


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