New Products NAMM Recap

At the recent NAMM show (National Association of Musical Merchants) several manufacturers introduced new products. Here is a wrap up of the pro audio or live event type products:

This post will be updated as more info is available. For more information please email

Shure KSM8 microphone a cool technology that reduces proximity effect on vocals for a clearer, more consistent sound. 

Mackie Axis a new surface to control the DL32R digital rack mixer

Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer a software solution for digital mixing. Looks interesting, but requires a substatial investment in software and hardware.  

Yamaha TF digital mixer V2 updates. This is a bit more of an incremental update (although some nice features) that a full Version 2, but nice to see this platform growing in features. Available now for with a FREE download. Also the iOS iPad app is updated as well. We have updated our rental stock and it has been solid so far.

Audio Technica E series in ear monitors. This looks like a solid line up in good price ranges. 

Yamaha Tio1608 rack mount digital stage box. This and the NY64D fall into the "it's about time"! category. The TF mixer was released in 2015 without the needed stage box or expansion card....we have some special pricing on these if bought in January with a TF mixer.

Yamaha NY64D Dante interface card 64 channel in, 64 channel out interace for TIO1608 and any other Dante digital transport setup or application.

Radial introduced a slew of new products, including an exciting Dante direct box which AFAIK is the first of its kind!  

Audio Technica E series in ear monitors. This looks like a solid line up in good price ranges. 

JBL Pro introduced the VTX monitors. These are high output, concert level stage monitors.

QSC E Series line of speakers. 10/12/15 with 18" subwoofer for portable or installations. These are passive so use with QXD amplifiers.

Presonus ULT speakers of the self-powered variety which are both wide coverage (horiztontal) pattern and long throw (vertical) amazing.

Presonus AVB mixing systems with digital rack mixer, control surface, and recording software.

Hosa Powercon power cables with edison or Powercon ends. Check'em out.


Wireless Scanning Now Available

With the pending FCC 2016 Q1 auction of 600Mhz bandwidth, many of us are up in the air as to the next steps for the wireless microphones that many of we rely on. One thing that is known is that the available "space" for our mics to fit in will be reduced to be used for mobile/cell phone use. Effective Immediately:  We recommend purchasing wireless units that are <600Mhz.  After the auction there will be a 39 month transition period for you to comply with the new requirements- we will know more details after the auction.

In light of these events and the increase of wireless usage, we have invested in a RF Scanner, computer, and software that allows us to use all of the available tools to learn how to best provide an interference free event and system. Let us know if you wish to schedule some time to analyze your setup.



Yamaha Console Rebates

In 1987, Yamaha introduced the first digital audio mixing console. Since then, they have set the standard in efficient workflow, reliability, and sound quality for digital mixing consoles used for the largest tours to the smallest of events.

From November 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016, you can share in the celebration with these unbelievable savings:

  • Model TF5 — Rebate: $300.00
  • Model TF3— Rebate: $225.00
  • Model TF1— Rebate: $175.00
  • Model QL5— Rebate: $600.00
  • Model QL1— Rebate: $300.00
  • Model CL5— Rebate: $750.00
  • Model CL3— Rebate: $600.00
  • Model CL1— Rebate: $400.00

Email or call Kent, or your MSM rep.


Yamaha DXR Rebate

This rebate runs October 1 - December 31, 2015. 
$100 Rebate: DXR12, DXR15, DXS12, DXS15 
$50 Rebate: DXR8, DXR10

Self powered 8"/10"/12" and subwoofers.

7 year warranty, Great sound, and lightweight!



Shure QLX-D Hands on

Impromptu short video showing features of this new digital wireless system.


Too many to list!


Price is a little higher than average entry level UHF wireless