Yamaha TF mixer review <90 secs

Fantastic new iPad-like touch screen (Touch Flow) user interface and a few quirks, but overall an excellent release. Some of the shortcomings, I hope, will be fixed in software revs, and stagebox release. This is a short, phone video showing key items, so for more details or to get your hands on one email me. 


Yamaha TF Digital Mixers

These are brand new, with some great features and pricing. We have our first shipment arriving next week and will report back with hands-on report. Until then, check out this video.


QSC Touchmix-8 MSM review

Great all-in-1 compact digital mixer.  Here is our 60 second review. 


New products NAMM

Here are a few of the new products introduced at this year's NAMM (Nat'l Assoc. of Music Merchants) trade show. I will edit as I learn more. Kent

DBX Venu360 3x6 speaker processor -some good features and price, I have found their interface in the past clunky hope it is better

Yamaha AG03 AG06 utility mixer USB interface - very tiny mixers with 192kHz converters

Allen & Heath QU-PAC - is it a box mixer? is it a digital rack mixer? or both?

Behringer S32 - 32 in x 16 out stage box for your X32 series

Midas DL32 - - 32 in x 16 out stage box for your M32 series

Behringer SD8 -Stage/Drop Boxes 8 in x 8 out - for your X32 series

Behringer SD16 -Stage/Drop Boxes 16 in x 8 out - for your X32 series

Midas M32C rack mount digital mixer engine controllable via tablet/notebook

Soundcraft Ui12 Ui16 - rack mount digital mixer, looks a little kluge, but actually has some very neat features

JBL STX powered series - SRX800 series self-powered speakers with network capability (you know this is coming right? ip addresses on speakers..) DSP etc. That gain encoder tho!

Blizzard Lighting Lil G at compact, bright moving light for <$499. Wait, what?

Sennheiser Evolution D1 2.4gHz frequency. Says it works with wifi + BT no problems, hope so!

Protools | First Free PT, can only store files into cloud w/account and you have to look for that | key to type name

Allen & Heath also appears to have lowered the price of the GLD80 digital mixer surface to <5000.00, with respective reductions in stage boxes

As with any new product introduction (your hear me Behringer?), future availabilty is???


Yamaha QL CL Dante Video

Here is a quickly (don't judge!) made phone video in our shop of 2 consoles linking via Dante using port to port and gain compensation.  This is a very robust (and after a few settings not shown) virtually plug and play digital audio network solution.