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Kent Clasen, President / CEO - With 30 years of professional experience under his belt, Kent has managed just about every kind audio, video, and/or lighting project you can imagine.  As a "customer-first" kind of guy, Kent is obsessed with helping others, attending to even the smallest details, and doing the right things right. In fact, this obsession is the guiding force behind MSM.  His other obsessions include Apple computers and technology, music, and biking. Kent also enjoys spending time with his two children. Contact Kent at kent@msmsystemsinc.com


Eddie Winslow, Technical Director / Service Mgr. - Eddie is a founding member of MSM with 40-years of professional audio, video, and lighting experience. Eddie and his wife, Francie, have two children. Together, they enjoy camping, horses, and playing with their two grandchildren, Westen and Erin. Contact Eddie at eddie@msmsystemsinc.com


Kirk Hutson, Vice President of Design - A 10-year MSM veteran, Kirk thrives on doing whatever it takes to make things happen for customers and coworkers, alike. He's a sound mixing ninja, an avid bicyclist, and an all-around good guy. Kirk and his wife Mendy have a son and three cats. Contact Kirk at kirk@msmsystemsinc.com


Tyler Stewart, Asst. Tech Dir. / Rental Mgr. - He has extensive experience in live sound and video production, as well as networking. He has a degree in music technology from UCM. He enjoys working with audio, video, rigging, computers, and design. While not at work, he also enjoys playing guitar, bass, and drums when not wrangling his 2 toddler boys. Contact Tyler at tyler@msmsystemsinc.com


Kim Frantz, Bookkeeping / Office Mgr - With a keen eye for detail and a gift for the numeric, Kim keeps the details of the business buttoned up and on track. And when she's not managing our finances, she's busy being a great mom to her two energetic boys. Contact Kim at accounting@msmsystemsinc.com