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Professional-Quality Audio, Video, Lighting, and Acoustic Products and Services

Design - Shape, size, construction materials, fixtures -- even temperature and humidity -- affect sound as it travels and reflects. Knowledge of acoustics, alone, is not enough to ensure successful design. It takes years of experience designing systems for venues of all shapes, sizes, and purposes to develop the level of "acoustic intuition" that ensures success. It's this crucial experience that MSM brings to every project. For more information, email kent@msmsystemsinc.com


Installation - Every installation presents unique challenges. Whether it's due to the exacting specs of new technologies, the need to preserve architectural/aesthetic integrity, or the demands of working within centuries-old historic structures, we've encountered and successfully solved such challenges and more. For more information, email info@msmsystemsinc.com


Rentals - Not every business needs a dedicated system. Yet any event worth hosting, or presentation worth making, deserves the kind of presence and clarity a professional system provides. Through our equipment-rental services, we've helped hundreds of clients engage, entertain, and persuade audiences of all kinds. For more information, email rental@msmsystemsinc.com


Service - For most MSM customers, the systems we install and maintain are mission-critical. As such, we strive to be available at a moment's notice, anytime, day or night. Yet it's important to know that even for systems we didn't install, we approach each service call with the same care and sense of urgency -- even if you've never been our customer before. So if you're having problems with your audio, video, lighting systems, please give us a call -- we'll do our best to make things right. For more information, email service@msmsystemsinc.com


Sales - As equipment suppliers, we feel we have a greater responsibility than simply offering quality products, competitive prices, and quick delivery. Since technology advances so quickly, we work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and offerings to help you find products that not only meet your needs and budget, today, but also remain compatible for a long service life and a greater return on investment. For more information, email sales@msmsystemsinc.com


Training - Our approach to training flows directly from our strong focus on customer satisfaction. After all, even the best technology is of little use if you don't know how to use it. Whether you have new equipment or new people to operate your current system, we can help you get the most from your investment through effective training. For more information, email sales@msmsystemsinc.com